How to Remove Stubborn Wall-Stains

Jul 22, 2020

Your walls add character to your home. The color of your walls can change the mood of a room, make it more inviting and beautiful, or help create a sense of privacy and intention. There’s just one problem, stains. There are dozens of ways your walls can get stained, but when it comes to how to remove stubborn wall-stains you might be stuck.

Never fear. Most wall-stains are easily fixable, from pasta sauce stains to your little one’s latest crayon masterpiece, these tricks will remove stubborn wall-stains, even if they seem impossible. 

Food Stains on Wall

Regardless of the type of stain you’re removing, you need to know what kind of paint you’re working with. Some paint is more prone to cleaning damage than others. Take a look at this guide to paint cleaning by type to see which options will work best for your paint to get rid of those pesky stains on walls. 

Remove Stubborn Wall Stains with Baking Soda

Food stains are often some of the most difficult wall-stains to deal with. It helps if you can clean the stain as soon as food gets on your walls. 

If you have a set-in stain, you’ll want an upgrade from just warm water and a sponge. Fortunately, a simple baking soda paste can help you remove stubborn wall-stains of all types. 

Mix a teaspoon or two of baking soda with regular tap water. The paste should be thick, but you can add more baking soda if you accidentally thin it too much. 

Apply the paste to the stain and gently rub in small circles. Let the paste sit for a few minutes and then use warm water to rinse. 

How to Remove Wall Stains with Dish Soap

If baking soda doesn’t work, or you know that the food stain is from greasy food, you may want to follow up with a dish soap wash. Mix a small amount of soap and water in a 1:1 ratio. Dab the soap mixture on the stain with a soft sponge or cleaning rag. 

If the grease stain doesn’t immediately come clean, scrub it gently with small circular motions. 

Remove Stubborn Greasy Wall-Stains with an Iron

You’ll need an iron with a low heat setting and a brown paper bag or some crafting paper to help your remove stubborn wall-stains that include grease. If you use crafting paper, avoid bright colors since the dye may transfer.

Place the paper between the iron and the grease stain. Turn the iron on low and move it in small circular motions over the stain. The paper will absorb the heated grease, removing it from your walls. 

Grease stains can be particularly stubborn, so here are a few more ideas to help you clean a greasy wall

Remove Stains from Walls with Crayon, Ink, and Other Mishaps

How to Clean Wall Stains with Wall Erasers

Wall erasers, like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, work great to help you remove stubborn wall-stains involving crayon stains and other scuff marks on your wall. 

Scrub with small circular motions and as little pressure as possible while still lifting the stain. 

Magic erasers are great for lifting marker stains, crayons, and a lot of other art supplies. They aren’t quite as effective for permanent markers or old pen-ink stains, though. 

How to Clean Stains from Walls with Citrus Cleaners

If you’re dealing with crayon, spilled candle wax, or cosmetics stains on your walls, you may want to invest in a citrus wall cleaner. There are several brands available, and each helps to remove stubborn wall-stains and completely remove any residues. 

Citrus cleaners are also fantastic for lifting glue off your walls and floors.

You can make your own citrus cleaner if you have some orange or lemon peel, white vinegar, and water.

Leave the orange or lemon peel in a mason jar, covered with white vinegar for at least 24 hours. Remove the peel and mix the vinegar with water in a 1 to 1 ratio. Viola! DIY citrus cleaner. 

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