Quick and Easy Closet Organizing

Nov 9, 2019

Even though it’s one of the most used spaces in our house, closets are often overlooked when you’re cleaning. After all, your clothes cycle in and out every time you run a load of laundry. But a well-organized closet makes your morning much more relaxing. We’ll give you some quick, and actionable tips for easy closet organizing.

Tip 1: Sort by Clothing Type

The first thing you need to do is sort through your clothing by type. There are two ways you can do this. Some people go with the pile method. That’s taking everything out of your closet and making a giant pile of clothes on your bed or couch.

Once you have the big pile it’s time to sort. Take out specific types of clothing and pile or fold them together. Don’t put them back in your closet right away, but sort through as much as you can.

Alternatively, if a big pile of fabric sounds more overwhelming than helpful, you can make a bunch of smaller piles by type. Take out all your button-up shirts, together. Then jeans, blouses, slacks and so on.

Once you have everything sorted by type, you’re on to tip 2.

Tip 2: Find the Keepers

The next step is to compare your clothes. Have three different floral blouses in the same color scheme? It’s probably time to let one of them go. Are all your slacks the same fabric and color? Time to trade one in for a different style.

Don’t force this step. This is supposed to be an easy closet organizing. If you’re forcing yourself to get rid of things you’d rather keep, that’s not easy. Instead, think of this step as an opportunity to make room for new things, and only get rid of clothing you’d rather replace.

While you’re sorting, keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear. Fabric that is starting to pill or wear thin, for example. Even if you can’t toss everything that’s wearing out, you should mark those items for replacement as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure how to spot clothes that are wearing out, this helpful guide has some good pointers.

Once you’ve sorted and gone through what you want to keep and what you can live without, it’s time to put everything away. That brings us to step 3 of our easy closet organizing process.

Tip 3: Easy Closet Organizing, the Actual Organizing

You’ve sorted your clothing by type, you’ve gotten rid of the clothing you no longer need. Now it’s time to put everything back.

But, even with the worn and duplicate clothing out of the way, you shouldn’t just put your clothes away from any which way.

This step varies a lot depending on your closet size and shape. Take a few minutes before you get started to plan how to best use the space. Bulky items like sweaters should be folded on shelving. Long clothing items, dress shirts, dresses, and some skirts, should go on your tallest closet rack. Shorter items like jeans and work slacks can go on a shorter second rack.

Otherwise, you should hand clothing by type, and outfits that go together. Work shirts and slacks should be hung near each other.

Or, if your closet doesn’t feature a lot of specialty clothing, think about organizing by season or color.

Tip 4: Separate Seasons

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can still take advantage of our easy closet organizing process. Instead of hanging all your clothes in together, take a moment to separate seasonal clothing. Holiday-themed clothes, oversized sweaters, and other winter clothing can be packed into a bin.

When it comes time for warmer attire, pack swimsuits, tank tops, and other summer clothing into the same bin.

Trading out clothing this way saves space. Plus, it makes some more room for some extra special items.

Last Thoughts:

That’s it for our easy closet organizing tips. If you’re still looking for more advice on keeping your clothing neat and organized, this how-to article will show you how to fold your clothes like Marie Kondo.

Need more time savers? Take a moment to read our tips for easy school (or work) lunch prep.

If you need an extra hand cleaning and organizing, we’ll be happy to help. Our easy closet organizing tip may help. But, there’s nothing like a full cleaning service for making things easier at home. Contact us for a quote and we’ll take great care of your home.




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